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by Pren

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Eternal by pren

memorial resin keepsakes

We were asked by a client if we could incorporate a loved ones memorial ashes with the resin in a board we were making for her.

It wasn't something we had done before but it was something we had looked into. We decided that it would be an honour to design and make something so special for our clients.

Preserving a loved one's ashes, encapsule all those memories in  resin, so they can continue to be a part of life is really quite remarkable.



hand crafted to order

These are some examples of memorial keepsakes we have made for our clients

Image by Niklas Ohlrogge

pastel sunset

memorial ash resin artwork

peacock sunset

memorial ash resin artwork

Glitter Dust

memorial ash & oak board

Would you like to preserve a loved ones ashes?

We can help.

Together we can make a beautiful resin keepsake, one that is unique and personal to you.